Rest in XP

Rest in XP graphic

April, 8, 2014. A date that will go down in history no doubt, but probably not.

To Adobe or not to Adobe

Hamlet cartoon

"To Adobe or not to Adobe, that is the question —"

Code Ownership

Code Ownership cartoon.

CorelDRAW Feathering Hack

Airbrushed Elephant

Many moons ago I created art with an actual airbrush! The process tended to be slow and laborious, but I always loved the smooth, organic shading effects.

Hackathon 2

Hackathon 2

Simple Shading with Clipping Paths in Inkscape

Blue Elvis Dude This post describes the essential elements of a workflow to add simple shading to a stylized Blue Elvis-like cartoon character head using clipping paths in Inkscape version 0.48.4.

Why is there no Illustration Bundle from Adobe?

Are you one of the creatives who is unhappy about Adobe's migration to the cloud and subscription based software model? I have used Adobe digital art tools since version 3 of Photoshop, and my first

Programmer at a Drive-Thru

Programmer at a Drive-Thru Cartoon


Bad SQL cartoon

Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud cartoon

Installing DBD::Oracle for Strawberry Perl 5.18.x on Windows 7 32-bit

I needed to perform some data analysis and the queries were just to dang slow to do in real time in Oracle, so I opted perform the work using Perl instead. My notebook

SFTP Approach for JMeter

Not too long ago I had a somewhat unusual assignment to build an adhoc monitoring system to track uptime statistics for several types of information systems, both to our in-house data center and to external

Using a BASH Array to Create a Where Clause

I had a project task to mine some data from a MySQL database, but it required data from an Oracle database to create the where clause. Everyone believed that this ETL would be done

UML Actor Gender Identification

UML Actor Gender Identification cartoon

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